Part 1 Are you struggling to get to sleep, waking up during the night or waking up early in the morning? Ask yourself – 1. How much tea, coffee and decaffeinated drinks do you consume? 2. Do you have your main meal later than 8pm? 3. Do you feel tired when you go to bed? […] Read more »

Relationship Problems

Part 2. What can you do to help solve relationship problems? 1. You need to be aware of passive or controlling behaviours. 2. You need to be aware of blurred boundaries where there is only “we” and never “I”. 3. You need to ensure that there is never just “I” and never “we”. 4. Beware […] Read more »

Relationship Problems

This is Part 1 of a two part exploration of relationship problems.  Part 1 briefly looks at possible causes for relationship issues and Part 2 then looks at what actions can be taken to resolve these issues. As we all know relationships go through various phases and indeed change over time.  In a sustained relationship […] Read more »

Coping with Anxiety

Coping with Anxiety   Common symptoms of anxiety:   Feeling fearful Feeling panicky Feeling sick Butterflies in stomach Agitated Feeling tired Faster heartbeat Chest pain or discomfort Trouble with going to sleep or waking up in the middle of the night Bad dreams Feeling hot or not being able to get warm Feeling as if your body is shaking internally Sweaty palms Lack of appetite or taste […] Read more »


suicideTALK suicideTALK is a community-oriented program exploring issues in suicide prevention.  Communities are unaware that suicide is a serious community health problem. suicideTALK is designed to help make our communities aware that something can be done to prevent suicide. suicideTALK is aimed at all members and groups in a community. Its goal is to help […] Read more »

Muscular Relaxation Exercise

Allow yourself about 30 minutes. A. Get yourself ready: • Find a quiet room where you will not be interrupted and get comfortable • Choose some music that really relaxes you. Slowly work through each muscle group, tensing and relaxing B. Tense up • Tense your muscles slightly – don’t strain them • Hold it […] Read more »

Understanding Dementia

The incidence of Dementia is growing as the aging population grows and causes extreme heartache not only to those who suffer but particularly to those close to them. The course will give a Basic Understanding of Dementia and what clients may bring if they are carers of someone with dementia or indeed a client in […] Read more »

Basic understanding of DSMIV

When it comes to the CTA Written Exam you will be asked to have a diagnosis for your chosen client (Section C). You will in fact be asked to detail this diagnosis by using two accepted systems of diagnosis. Usually this will be a TA diagnosis and a classification using DSM1V. The course will give […] Read more »

Youth Mental Health First Aid

Safeguarding the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people across Wales took an important leap forward as the Welsh Assembly Government announced the expansion of its flagship Mental Health First Aid programme, in conjunction with Mind Cymru.  This includes the current adult programme and the development of Youth Mental Health First Aid designed […] Read more »