Mental Health First Aid

Mental health training for everyone Front line workers often have to deal with people with experience of mental distress but lack the skills and confidence to support them appropriately. With one in four of us affected by mental health problems each year, service providers across the country are being offered a new short training course […] Read more »

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training

In any year, an estimated five per cent of the population have serious thoughts of suicide. (Samaritans) When it comes to someone thinking of suicide, people can be reluctant to get involved. This can be down to fear of making things worse, not knowing what to do, feeling that it is someone else’s responsibility, even […] Read more »

Healthy Mind And Body

The effects of stress Stress can have a profound effect on the digestive system, complaints such as indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and stomach ulcers are well known. Stress affects blood sugar levels, leading to tiredness and cravings for stimulants such as coffee, tea, alcohol and sugary foods which only in fact offer a temporary […] Read more »

Understanding Depression

What is depression? Depression is a medical term covering a wide range of psychological distress. Depression causes low mood, and makes everything harder to do and less worthwhile. What causes depression? This varies from person to person. There can be hereditary links. In many cases it can be triggered by life-events. These events can have […] Read more »

Coping With Stress

Useful tips Change your attitude • What are your priorities in life? Are they about your colleagues and work? Are they about your own health and wellbeing, your family and your friends? • Focus on the real (good or nicer) parts of your life! Make sure you plan things to look forward to in the […] Read more »

Are You Stressed?

It may sound strange when I say to you that we all need some stress to keep us alert and healthy, but it is when it is severe and prolonged, stress can start to affect your mental, emotional and physical health. The sources of stress are varied, but usually lie in one or more of […] Read more »

Keep Mentally Healthy

Life is a stressful business, but there are ways that you can stay happy and healthy. 1. Find out what is an effective way for you to relax For example: • Seeing friends • Reading • Listening to music • Playing sport 2. Learn a relaxation technique Use it in any situation where you are […] Read more »