Part 1

Are you struggling to get to sleep, waking up during the night or waking up early in the morning?

Ask yourself –

1. How much tea, coffee and decaffeinated drinks do you consume?
2. Do you have your main meal later than 8pm?
3. Do you feel tired when you go to bed?
4. How airy is your bedroom?
5. Do you watch TV in bed?
6. Do you have a bedtime routine?
7. Has your mood changed or are you dealing with stress?
8. Do you smoke before going to bed?
9. Is your bed comfortable?
10.Do you have any physical problems?
11.Do you struggle to relax?
12.Do you exercise, and have a healthy diet?
13.Do you snore?
14.Do you feel tired in the morning?

Look out for Part 2 to see how you might tackle Insomnia.

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