Relationship Problems

This is Part 1 of a two part exploration of relationship problems.  Part 1 briefly looks at possible causes for relationship issues and Part 2 then looks at what actions can be taken to resolve these issues.

As we all know relationships go through various phases and indeed change over time. 

In a sustained relationship there are many highs and lows and indeed fairly mundane plateau’s.  Many changes happen in life and these can impact on our relationship and even strong relationships can have rocky patches. 

Relationship problems can be triggered by a multitude of issues.  Major events such as job loss or illness can cause significant personal as well as relationship stress which can then severely test the partnership to breaking point.

There are many factors that can cause tension in a relationship such as work, money, sex, children and these can slowly impact on the health of the relationship leading to issues.  One thing that often happens at this point is the breakdown of communication.  Unfortunately when life is busy it is only too easy to not realise or ignore how these pressures are impacting on our relationship.  More serious issues can then occur such as infidelity.

The fact of the matter is if you believe your relationship is in trouble then in all probability it is!  What you must keep in mind is that issues can be resolved. 

Remember to look out for Part 2 when we will look at what actions can be taken.

Therapists at Autonomy Counselling and Psychotherapy are experienced at working with couples with relationship issues.

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