suicideTALK suicideTALK is a community-oriented program exploring issues in suicide prevention.  Communities are unaware that suicide is a serious community health problem. suicideTALK is designed to help make our communities aware that something can be done to prevent suicide. suicideTALK is aimed at all members and groups in a community. Its goal is to help […] Read more »

Understanding Dementia

The incidence of Dementia is growing as the aging population grows and causes extreme heartache not only to those who suffer but particularly to those close to them. The course will give a Basic Understanding of Dementia and what clients may bring if they are carers of someone with dementia or indeed a client in […] Read more »

Basic understanding of DSMIV

When it comes to the CTA Written Exam you will be asked to have a diagnosis for your chosen client (Section C). You will in fact be asked to detail this diagnosis by using two accepted systems of diagnosis. Usually this will be a TA diagnosis and a classification using DSM1V. The course will give […] Read more »

Youth Mental Health First Aid

Safeguarding the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people across Wales took an important leap forward as the Welsh Assembly Government announced the expansion of its flagship Mental Health First Aid programme, in conjunction with Mind Cymru.  This includes the current adult programme and the development of Youth Mental Health First Aid designed […] Read more »

Mental Health First Aid

Mental health training for everyone Front line workers often have to deal with people with experience of mental distress but lack the skills and confidence to support them appropriately. With one in four of us affected by mental health problems each year, service providers across the country are being offered a new short training course […] Read more »

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training

In any year, an estimated five per cent of the population have serious thoughts of suicide. (Samaritans) When it comes to someone thinking of suicide, people can be reluctant to get involved. This can be down to fear of making things worse, not knowing what to do, feeling that it is someone else’s responsibility, even […] Read more »