Keep Mentally Healthy

Life is a stressful business, but there are ways that you can stay happy and healthy.

1. Find out what is an effective way for you to relax

For example:

• Seeing friends
• Reading
• Listening to music
• Playing sport

2. Learn a relaxation technique

Use it in any situation where you are stressed

3. Learn to say ‘NO’

Learn not to take on too much, particularly when you are stressed.

4. Ask for support

Learn to talk things through before things get too bad.

5. Don’t isolate yourself from other people

Keep in contact with family, friends and neighbours.

6. Learn to take frequent breaks

You will be able to work better when you get back. Learn to switch off for mini breaks such as in lifts, at traffic lights or by walking slowly etc.

7. Make sure you get enough sleep

8. Make sure you eat properly

Excess caffeine, nicotine and concentrated sugars can increase stress levels so a healthy, balanced diet is essential for your wellbeing.

9. Do exercise

Regular exercise has a positive effect on the brain, and will increase your capacity to cope with stress, and can help you live longer.

10. Review your situation

Think about how you use your time, how you might improve this, and can you prioritise your tasks in a different way that would help.

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