suicideTALK is a community-oriented program exploring issues in suicide prevention.  Communities are unaware that suicide is a serious community health problem. suicideTALK is designed to help make our communities aware that something can be done to prevent suicide.

suicideTALK is aimed at all members and groups in a community. Its goal is to help make direct, open and honest talk about suicide easier. Such talk may:

  • encourage life-protection, preservation and promotion activities,
  • facilitate community awareness of suicide as a serious community health problem,
  • reduce the stigma and taboo surrounding suicide,
  • increase personal commitment to and action in preventing suicide, and
  • support the spread of training opportunities and networking activities.

suicideTALK is an exploration of the question, “Should we talk about suicide?” By looking at this question in a number of different ways, session members may discover and uncover some of the beliefs and ideas about suicide in their community—and in themselves.

Ways to help a person at risk are discussed. The pain of those touched by suicide is acknowledged. But suicideTALK is primarily an exploration of some of the most fundamental attitudinal issues about suicide.

This course is particularly relevant to counselling and psychotherapy students and other health and social care professionals as a first introduction to attitudes to suicide.

This course provides an easy introduction to suicide before attending an ASIST course which provides people with knowledge and skills in dealing with someone who is suicidal.

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